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10-Pin Tubular or Bulldog Keys

10-Pin Tubular / Radial Locks Opened

Found On Bulldog Security Products

New Keys Cut At Competitive Prices

New Keys Cut Without Original Code

Bulldog Spare Keys

The New Forest Locksmith Limited is one of the few companies who are able to open the majority of 10 pin tubular or radial security locks as found on many Bulldog Security products.

The following products often have these 10 pin raidial or tubular keys:

Bulldog Hitch Lock

Bulldog Wheel Clamp

Bulldog Skip Lock

Bulldog Container Lock

Bulldog Door Lock

Usually a unique number printed on the keys is required to order new keys for these products but many people do not write this number down and then ordering new keys becomes impossible without this code.

We can open, decode and cut new keys for many of these types of locks. Or we can simply cut new 10 pin keys at competitive prices if we have the key.

Please contact us if you wish to find out more about 10 pin tubular keys or Bulldog spare keys.

Due to the key or lock being required, this is a local service only. The lock or original key must be present. This is not an original Bulldog key but is for customers who have lost their keys or who do not have the original code and do not wish to replace their products.


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