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I’ve Moved House Should I Change My Locks?

Do you know where ALL the keys are?

Are the locks GENUINELY secure?

How OLD are all the locks?

Should I change my locks when I move house? The simple answer to this question is YES!

As a locksmith, we hear of so many times when new owners simply move in to a house or new business premises without thinking to change the one thing which will keep you secure. You have moved into your fantastic new house, including all your personal belongings, or your new business property, possibly full of stock and equipment, and you have no idea of who has keys, how many keys are out there or how easy it is to access. Is it worth the risk not to change them?

The New Forest Locksmith has invested in EVVA ICS and Ultion, two of the most secure, insurance approved, key systems on the market to give you freedom of choice to secure your property.

We appreciate that moving into a new house or business can be expensive but it is also a perfect opportunity to ensure that your new property is as safe and secure as it can be.

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