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Locked Out of Your House or Office

Don't panic

Read the following advice

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If you've been locked out, it may be worth considering the following points first before giving us a call:

  • Is there another method of entry - an open window, a rear door?

  • If there is, can you access it safely or if not can someone else?

  • Is there a family member or neighbour with a spare key who you could contact?

  • Have you had one of our EVVA restricted locks installed? If so we can cut you another key...

  • Have we installed an Ultion lock for you? If so we may be able to cut you another key...

  • If the door has slammed behind you, can you see the keys through the letterbox and do you have anything to hand to reach them?


If you still cannot gain entry, we are happy to help. Simply click on our phone number above.

Please do not endanger yourself or others trying to gain entry. We are trained to gain entry as quickly and efficiently as possible. No entry, no fee.

Please note, you will be required to satisfy us that you are legally entitled to enter that property and we have a number of checks that we will carry out beforehand.

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