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Why Should I Upgrade My Locks?

A burglary takes place locally every 2 hours

Three quarters are through the door

Half happen while you are at home

A quarter of people saw the offender

Just thinking about those statistics can be quite alarming.

Imagine coming home from shopping to find you are the next 2-hour statistic, or worse you disturb the burglar in your home. The reality is, that as modern cars become more difficult to break into, the easiest way to steal your car is to obtain the keys and drive it away. 

This means your home, which is often less secure than your car, will be the main target. It will often be at night, and often while you are in the house. You can see from the following video how quick and quiet this can be:


These lock snapping attacks are widely documented and demonstrated on the internet. Insurance companies are wise to this and insurance-approved cylinders will likely be an insurance requirement on multipoint (composite and uPVC) doors in the not-too-distant future.

The New Forest Locksmith has invested in two high security, insurance-approved locking systems - EVVA ICS and Ultion - which will significantly reduce the chances of a burglar getting through your front door.

These upgrades are usually simple to install and are cost effective.

Call us to arrange a free security survey or to have a chat about the benefits of our insurance-approved products.


*source: for BH and SO postcodes. Figures calculated using maximum monthly burglary statistics from 2017 & 2018

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